‘The solution often turns out to be more beautiful than the puzzle’

- Richard Dawkins

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Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Software is increasingly powerful and customisable.  However, in our experience, adapting your business processes to fit COTS protocol is not ideal, and certainly has limitations.

If you need an application with specific functionality that cannot be met by off-the-shelf products then you've come to the right place.  Collectively, we have over fifty years' experience in developing, deploying, evolving and supporting an extensive suite of mission-critical, bespoke applications for clients who have come to us with exactly that problem.  Here at MTCS, we design and develop simple and complex database applications for local, intranet, extranet and Internet deployment, in a compendium of development environments including Equinox, MS SQL, Oracle, Microsoft .NET, C# and MVC.

We fundamentally believe in using the best tools for the job and constantly strive to adapt our skill set to optimise that selection.  In order to remain current, we consciously set time aside to assess emerging technologies as a part of that process.  We understand the relevance of environmental factors such as cost of ownership, maintenance, migration, deployment, support, scalability and future-proofing, and always have these in mind too.

Finally, we have experience of inheriting legacy projects for revision, improvement, enhancement and/or re-development.  We continue to support those applications to the same high standard that we provide for those developed in house.

To discuss your current situation or your next project, please call us on 01933 651111 or email enquiries@mtcs.co.uk.  It will cost you nothing except your time, there’s no obligation and we are sure we can help!

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